My Own Style (Ⅱ)

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Still remember when I was in hight school. my senior threee English teacher Paul Shao told us, if we could write something in English everything, as a result, you would go through the enter examination without any resistance. However, the childsih me at that time just believed the words he had said, but never carried it our. If I followed hsi instructiion, maybe now I’m not in SCAU, but in a better university.

Of course, all of this thinking is impossible, when a thing passed, we can’t manage to control it anymore.

Unconsciously, I follow hsi advice now, maybe I have taken it as a priciple that can’t be replased and can’t be canceled. Now, the daily English writing has become a habites of me, no matter what happens.

At that time, I paid no attention to my gammer mistakes, so I am now. At that time,my teacher didn’t focus on that mistakes and the teacher of now dose the same thing. I believe, if I could think out a problem in English, therefore, I will have no that kinds of mistakes anymore, or I just have the mistake that every English speaking coutries’ peoplle have. In a word, if all the people make the same mistake, it means no mitakes exist. The modern people can change the old form fo arammer increasingly, and without paying too much attention to that subtly changes. So, in my opinion, the world is changing in this unconscious way.

And I must carify something that is the reason of my writing. I write this thing is because of nobody. Nobody can compel me to do that. I write it using all my heart. I take responsible for nobody but the future me. I just want to take a note, a note of my growning up, a note of my life, a note of how a ignorance girl becomes a mature one, a note of the chang of my surroundings including my family and the world. And, that’s my style- for nobody.

I am not the God, I’m not the hero of all the people too. I’m just a nobody, a tiny part of the world, you won’t notice me. Or maybe when you someday surf online, and find me out from my blog(website), I will tell you, there’s such a person live in the world, and that the story of her.


My Own Style(Ⅰ)

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Today it’s the last class ob English before its mid examintaion. The teacher paid no attention to that thing as if nothig wouild happen. It’s not sigificance to her at all, I know, but it’s a knot in my stomach instead. The difficulty of presentation has passed, however, another abstruct is coming. Why the road of English is always full of ups and downs!?

The examination effected all the students there, no one can focus themselves in listening her classes. ANd the poor thing was her classes stand still, nothign has been improved. We had gotten so many things from them, and we are changing now, why it stand still.

I have forgotten from what, she talked about New Concept, and she still remembered one of her students read the New Concept all along, and his/her articles wer just like written by foreigners. His/Her  articles were smooth and the joins of two sentences were so perfect. At that time, I thought about myself. I write the diaries in English everyday(just in working days). And now my essays writting in English are so easy to me, without think it in a minutes or two, I can write an essay, and while I wrote it, I can think out the next thing at the same thing. Maybe, I can say I have nothing in my brain, however, I cna write it down while I need to.

Did that student do this? Did he/she write in English everyday? I think not. At the same time, there’s no doulbe of that he/she can think a problem in English unconsciously. And that level , I personaly think, even the teacher can’t do that. That’s why she’s so excited when read the student’s articles. If you want to write an essay in foreigners’ way, you must read a lot which write by them, and at the same time, yiou must try it ou, let the ghouth comine with your real life. The idea in the book just show the author thought, whereas, you must do it yourself, try it out.

I miss the first step, and now I’m doing the step two. I have no time to finish the step one, the fertile, abundant reading means nothing to me, because of time limited.

I have my own style. I write all the things in English, it doesn’t mean I want to show off my poor level. I do it because the limited situation. You lke it or not is your choice, but that’s my own style!!!


Endless Walking

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The bues didn’t come here meant I had to walk for along time, aybe this tearm or evern this year.

The road is so bad that the bus don’t come here, and the environment is too bad, could I not come here to go on my studying too? No! Never!Mo one will allow me to do that including my soul. But why I must stand this?

The building we can see from the classroom are under construction. The trucks are coming and going, the dust lafll from them are too mamy to count. the road is destroyed by them, in such situation, I have no hope that they will build the road, they won’t have time to mend it, and even they have ment it, they wil aslo destroy it at once. If they really do ti, how foolish they are! If they really do it, how foolish they are! If they really do it, they are throwing the money into fire.

So, as a result, our only hope is our school can do something, however, the leaders pay no attention to it, or even they don’t know there’such a problem exist. When my mother telphoned the hot-line of Wu Shan Apartment, they said they were in university inside, and they didn’t know we had such a problem. They are enjoying their life, no one knows our hoorible situation. EVen our school leaders didn’t know, how other people can take care it, even our mother or father don’t love us, who will do it?

The road between the main part of SCAU and our apartment are full of dust and little hills. The road is ups an downs, though it’s no too long, just 15 minutes we can make it. But why we have to use 15 minutes to do this ugly thing. In fact, we have another convenient way and have right no to do that. However, all the normal ways are cut down. We are isolate, and notbody knows our distress.

The ugly road still leads to here. And the dssbright hop is far away. Why I must suffer such things!!!



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在用新的[x-woods]留言本的时候认识了5DBlog, 我的 Blog,这个blog有个很明显的特征,简单、快。5的英文是five其实就是近似“快”的音。的确在这一点上,它的确是做得不错的。所有的东西都几乎是一点即开,速度就是一切,真的如此做到了。但作为一个新的blog运行商,它当然还有值得改进的地方,比如我最不满意的就是像blogcn那样,采用UBB编辑,而且没有可视化的编辑按钮。



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