Big Wind

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What a big wind here!! Outside the room, on the corridor, the wind just like can blow me away!!! My feeling is not so cool but a little cold, like a big ice putting in front fo a enormous electric fan, the little cold wind blows and blows.

However, even though with such a big blow, it also can’t blow away the thick clouds whether or not can be blew away maybe need a while to see. But the clouds are really very thick, just like the gray thick ones in my heart. Do you know it? Now, I’m sitting on the corridor and writting this diary, the wind never stopped even a minute, maybe I should believe it can do the thing in my hope, and believe the God, believe the pray of me he can hear an let it come true. I see a little shadow of my gel-pen now, the sun is coming perhapse. I ‘m changed my writting place now. Return to the room inside…

I really can’t be agree with the idea of some of my roommates. They want to have a air-condition machine here, in the little apartment. If I’m the old xrspook, I will scold at them at once, and say "You’re day dreaming!" But now, I prefer put all the complaint in heart, I can’t show it out though I feel bad. As they said, I know they were not kidding, if possible it really will happen. At the same time, I’m afraid this terrbile nightmare will really come true.

We are here is not for enjoying our comfortable life. Because their life in the past are too perfect, and hte life here is too awful, so they have such an idea. But we are from different families and different condition, I don’t like the life here, yet I prefer to stand it. The experience of my past tell me I must adapt to it. I change myself instead of the ourside environment changed. So I won’t have such day dream or eager.

Life need person to adjust to, do more exactly thing instead fo dreaming.

To be more realistic, do the most of the job by yourself, and leave the final result to the God.


Crazy Hot Day

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Is it summer now? Or it’s just a start? I can’t stand such weather! I can see the lovely blue sky, and some clouds is flowing over it, I also see the sunshine. The scenery is great, but to me, it’s a hell. Too hot to all the living things, nothing can stand this weather, nothing will be comfortable in it. It’s too hot!!! The hot weather isn’t made by the really sun, but by the mirror of the clouds. The clouds reflect the light of sun, and entend it, so the air become special hot, just like more than a sun exist.

Last night, I didn’t bring my electric fan to bed, this morning, when I woke up, all my body was almost wet. As a result, unusually, I had my morning shower. However, the cool feeling didn’t last long, just after a few minutes, all my body was full of sweat again.

Now, I found a special situation was that no matter where you go, you must bring the fan with you, even though you can forget to bring your mobile-phone. It’s a hard life without fan. But I also found a strange fact, though the weather was extremly hot, and you feel hot as well, yet after sitting at a place for a while, you’ll feel better, and even won’t feel any hot, and after a short time, you’ll feel hto again. I don’t know whether is because there’s something wrong with my feeling physical organ. However, that’s really my true feeling.

The classes passd as they used to be, I felt another things abouit that. I’m sitting in the classroom, not always listen carefully to the teacher, something will flash into my mind, and have a new idea. Most of them are about computer and my website. I don’t know whether it means I can’t focus. When I was a child, many people forbid children and students to do it in class, however, if it’s good for us, can we think it when we don’t disturb others and misss the important part of the classes.

In fact, the weather today can’t be said it’s good. I saw the clouds more then the sun. Maybe the definition fo good weather fo me must change a little: smile sunshine, blue sky and cool wind!


Bad Day, Believe Sunshine

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I know the God won’t at your side all the time, today is the best example to prove that fact.

At first, this morning, we practised tennis, the weather was not so good, had many clouds. I couldn’t see the sun with is brightly smile. No matter what, we started our plan. However, I couldn’t find my moon, i was not myself all the time. I didn’t know how to control, the pat in my had was stil the same one, but I didn’t know how to manage it. The only excurise is the ball, the ball changed, I didn’t adapt it well that maybe the problem. But as a good player, he/she should be familiar to all balls. The ball was good, but me not.

And then, when I went to have my chemical experiment classes, " the cats and dogs" came. I was almost wet from head to toe. I didn’t know whether that was the God scold me, and then giving me some color to see see, however, I was really in trouble. I didn’t why there was such a big rainy exist, but it really happened.

This experiment maybe the last one of this term. The continue two weeks we will do the experiment at the base of it. However, we failed. We failed at the last step, we did the experiment for 3 hours, after a lot of difficulty, at the straight line to the ending, we failed, we failed at the last 15 minutes. How we could do that! Do you know how down I was at that moment? The perforated, and our hearts were broken as the event happened.

At the last step, a unanticipate thing happened. I am a careless one, I am a foolish all the time, but why you asked me to get such a result at this situation? The succussful experiment of this term maybe make me too careless, and don’t know I am the stupid one, the experiment will easily fail in one or two tiny problems. Oversee it is my fault. I can’t complain anybody, anything including the God. It’s all my fault, not yours!

The bad luck will pass by, the sun will smile on me one day.


I Know A Great Person!!!

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http://boybin.blogbus.com, a normal blog, but it mean a great person. The owner of it is so perfect that seemed impossbile for such a person at this age. After my calculation, he’s just three years older than me. However, when he’s working, he’s so matural that just like he has worked for many years, in fact, he’s a student in university an hasn’t graduated.

In 1998, when I was a pupil in school, and just knew the computer of 386, he had begun his computer’s life. At that time I even didn’t know what’s Windows 95, however, he started to design website. When the internet was a brand new idea for most CHinese, he had walked on that road.

Now, from his blog, I can’t imagine he’s just a boy that three years older than me, instead, he alimost can become my idol. He’s really a professor at his territory of computer. Though his main course in university is Computer Science and Technique, yet I believe, not all the student of that course can be so successful. He’s good at Flash, Dreamweaver, Firework, Photoshop…Almost all the desighn software, and also has all the professor certificates of them. Certificates mean nothing, but hsi ability is really more than that. His works show all his capacity. A wonderful flash or website not only need the ability of control a perfect software, it also need a beautiful heart of it, a heart which is full of arts. He is a combitnation of all of those.

From his profile, he said, almost all the Flash, Dreamweaver and that kinds fo softwares he had partisipated in translating them into Chinese. What a mircle!!!

I know a blog of a great person!!!! Or from such a blog I know there is a unusual person in the world! In  his describe, he had got endless prize in his favorites. But I can know him, he is not a God, he’s still a person. Though with so many impossible experience he’ still so sincerely to all the visitor there, just like his look in his pictures. He’s really great!!!


找Universidad Javeriana

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首先要说明一下,这个Universidad Javeriana全名是Pontificia Universidad Javeriana(哈维里亚那天主教大学)是Colombia创办的第一所大学,也是拉丁美洲地区最古老的高等学府之一。不要问我是不是白痴,连这些都搜索是不是疯了,对也许是疯了,不过千万不要误会,我绝对没有到那里读书的意愿,完全是无聊,因为在某个地方看到过它的名字于是就有寻找的欲望,我真的太无聊了!!!

找这个学校也不是一件很容易的事哦!要知道在一打Universidad Javeriana”自然会弹出它的主页www.javeriana.edu.co/,喔!好厉害,即使是远在南美的Colombia大学网页,也是马上就跳了出来,页面简洁,没有我的那个大学的网页那么多花招,连下拉的滚动条也不需要点击放大


            (大一点的)                              (帅一点的)




Universidad Javeriana没有别的目的,就是见识见识一个不太出名的著名高校,真的明白了好多,起码知道了西文的universidad原来和英文的university如此相近,同时也知道世界上有间叫做Javeriana的天主教大学。


Pontificia Universidad Javeriana通讯地址: 
Carren 7° No.40-60, Bogotá, D.E. Colombia


1、自然科学和技术科学: 该领域包括3个系,即建筑与设计系、自然科学系和工程学系。

2、人文科学和社会科学: 共有社会科学与教育系、法律系、社会传播系、教会法规系、哲学系、交叉学科研究系、神学系、宗教科学部、现代语言部、人文科学与社会科学系(设在卡利分校)等10个系(部)。

3、保健科学: 保健科学包括医学系、牙科学系、护理学系和心理学系。

4、经济管理科学: 哈大在波哥大和卡利各设一个经济管理科学系,开设的本科生和硕士生专业均有企业管理、会计学、经济学、硕士生专业还有商业法、国际贸易、农村开发、非政府机构的管理与指导等。

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