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I am an ordinary people. So I was born very tiny and unskillful, but I want to be strong. I have to work hard in any place and any time. I don’t have super father so I don’t have a lot of money and power. I have to earn everything by myself. Everybody should have a dream, undisputed is one of them. It is a long way to get that level, You can say, that is the final fantastic. Just like someone said, before the final dream come true I have to go for it step by step. Life is short, we have no time to wonder what are we doing or why are we doing that. Just do it in a way, and believe in that.

I didn’t worship superhero; I didn’t worship them in the past, now, and in the future. Because it is so fake, it’s not true; I’m so ordinary I couldn’t be one of them. There was just a dream, just for talking. But I do believe in people, I respect human beings. Just like us, they were born nobody, but they became somebody one day. It is full of inspiration. It helps me to face the music, struggle with difficulties. Perfect is the level that we have to fight for it all our life, even though you could say in fact it does not exist.

Not everyone can become great people and win great things. But at least everyone should have his own goal and achieve it. When you grow old you don’t feel regret that because of you didn’t work hard enough when you were young. Put yourself to the limit is a meaningful thing, maybe it’s nothing for other, in my opinion, life is long journey to overcome yourself. Win or not is just the result, no matter what you would learn something from the procedure, if you have really put your heart in it.

In the road of growing up, everyone would have his own way. Just do it.


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A Dog Person

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Someone is a cat person, but I’m not, I am a dog one.

Every time, when I look through the windows, and found dogs were playing far away, innocent playing, without any pressure, just as their natural, I would feel very happy, and then, can’t help shouting “BB~~~”. Of course, as you know, they would look around, try to find who was calling them. They searched here and there, then looked upwards, focused on me, they began dancing, just like Marley’s manbo, but in their own styles. Little kids shaked their tails happily, I would smile. They could pass their optimism to me from a bark, an eye or an simple movement.

Humans are not things, others are everything! We human being are always thinking too much, lover, money, assets… Why not just as the instinct lead us to…

Here is their simple happy life:

If there are food in the plate, why you still look round everywhere, just enjoy it.

Playing is the best.

Fight, fight, fight. We win, because we know teamwork.

I’m your mother, you must listen to me.

Hi, I am a shily beauty girl. I am super handsome, don’t you think so. If love me, just give me more food, I don’t like body contact especailly with human.


Yesterday, Amazing!

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Amazing,do you know what I have done? I finished 2 huge translations yesterday, it’s more than 8000 Words!!!! Great! What a good job! The most exciting thing was I got it in less than 4.5 hours! A great day, isn’t it? Can’t help writing this :) I even don’t know where the passion came from, but it really existed, so, what can I say, happy? Wonderful? Excellent!

同样伟大的还有GA编剧中一叫Krista的,是她首先创造了奇迹,然后我才有了机会,谁叫她老是把blog写得老长老长,于是,每次见到她的名字出现在标题处我就开始流汗了。其实翻译的是GA S06E0102S06E03的编剧blog。学乖了,不懂的句子跳过,大概飞了1-2句吧,实在不知所云,问了G老师依然云里雾里,所以,我就不误导众生了。看编剧的blog越多,就越觉得和他们熟络,他们当中真有很多是大妈,非常多是刚生孩子,或孩子只有1-2岁的类型。然后觉得主编Shonda大妈有点Chief老婆Adele的作风,有时我甚至把她俩等同了。每天都是晚上做翻译,用一个晚上潜心去做,越来越觉得那不是个“活儿”了,呵呵,前提是我已经存有了非常多的“弹药”(xrspook:怎么理解“弹药”这个词呢?从前[几年前]我都是翻译完一篇就迫不及待地去发布,因为当时的场所是自己的blog,无所谓;但现在是论坛,出于一点功利心理,即便我已经完成了很我也得慢慢去发,一天1篇,最多2篇,为的就是让帖子尽可能留在高处,很坏,对不?做这么邪恶的事我也有点于心不忍,但只有那样才会有更多人随便点进去看看编剧的意图啊!尽管用心良苦,但若要把xrspook当作坏人就尽管那么做吧。还有一点就是我希望细水长流,洪水般地发布会让译者失去动力,好不容易弄出来的作品刷的就全卖掉了,如果恰巧又回复,会很伤心的,人家还会以为我在捣乱呢,所以我要制造“弹药”,然后存起来,一天发一个)。


No matter what, you have read / you want to read or not, that’s awesome to me. In fact, I didn’t / don’t / won’t care how you think about it. Just be myself, that’s all. Thanks for reading this maybe boring blog.

PS:If you have time, you could read them bit by bit, believe me, don’t read them all together, or you will feel…


Be humanistic, could they?

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Again and again, still the same. Who am I? What am I doing now? What kinds of person I am? Forget weekends, and then forget all the people except workmates! I am a person with some problem, which could not solve by me. I have no choice. And have lost control, I just a puppet… Didn’t work for money, didn’t work for dream, didn’t work for someone, and what did I work for? I don’t know.

We are social person, not machine.

Be humanistic, could they? At least I think working are not everything in life, and thousand of million of billion money is not the only target of everyone.

Forget it, forgive me, do something, for the people who have lose in working…


Do you know CATCH-22?

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In Craig David‘s album The Story Goes has a song, called Johnny. It’s talking about the story of a boy got punch near school; however, he could not do anything such as escape or protect himself, instead of feeling every blow. He’s afraid to tell others that will make things worse, even though he has tried to speak out his story but no one listened, so the hitting repeat again and again. What a pity!

It has such a word in its lyric (photo above) – catch-22. Do you know the meaning of that? It’s a slang from Joseph Heller’s famous literature Catch-22 (《第二十二条军规》). Now I am reading his book CATCH AS CATCH CAN (中文的,《得过且过》,浙江文艺出版社), so I understand it as it happens. I’m trying my best to understand the black humor of this great writer; unfortunately, there’s no consciousness till now.

Return to the word catch-22, it has been collected by many English Dictionary. Now, I show two quotes of them:

  • OXFORD ADVANTAGED LEARNER’S ENGLISH-CHINESE DICTIONARY – catch-22: (slang) dilemma faced by sb who is bound to suffer, whichever course of action he takes 进退维谷
  • 金山词霸2002 – AMERICAN TRADITIONAL DICTIONARY – catch-22: A situation in which a desired outcome or solution is impossible to attain because of a set of inherently illogical rules or conditions: 不可逾越的障碍;第22条军规由于一套本身不合逻辑的规则或条件而不可能获得期望的结果或解决方式的情形

When I heard the music for the first time I could not clearly understand what he was singing, because Craig David sang: caught ina catch 22 but he’d still rather be at home. In and A was sung together [i-nʌ], oh~~~ Liaison made me crazy all the time, no matter in English or in Spanish, of course, it’s more terrible in the later. If you don’t know what the meaning of catch-22 is, how you could believe there really is such word in there.

After this essay, hope you could understand it better just as which I did a few days ago.

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