A Dog Person

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Someone is a cat person, but I’m not, I am a dog one.

Every time, when I look through the windows, and found dogs were playing far away, innocent playing, without any pressure, just as their natural, I would feel very happy, and then, can’t help shouting “BB~~~”. Of course, as you know, they would look around, try to find who was calling them. They searched here and there, then looked upwards, focused on me, they began dancing, just like Marley’s manbo, but in their own styles. Little kids shaked their tails happily, I would smile. They could pass their optimism to me from a bark, an eye or an simple movement.

Humans are not things, others are everything! We human being are always thinking too much, lover, money, assets… Why not just as the instinct lead us to…

Here is their simple happy life:

If there are food in the plate, why you still look round everywhere, just enjoy it.

Playing is the best.

Fight, fight, fight. We win, because we know teamwork.

I’m your mother, you must listen to me.

Hi, I am a shily beauty girl. I am super handsome, don’t you think so. If love me, just give me more food, I don’t like body contact especailly with human.


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