My Children's Day

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It’s 06-01 again, however, I’m no longger a little child. Though it’ s Children’s Day, yet it doesn’t belong to me. I’m a student in university now, why I’m still so childish? Meanwhile, the classmates around me also pay attention to this holiday, just as my situation, they can’t forget this important day in their pass.

We are no longger suitable to this holiday, but our hearts tell us we still very young, we’ll teh little child to our parents forever. I can ‘t believe, I’m 20 years old now (in fact, it still has to wait about 6 months). I have missed my Children’s Day for about 7 years. Since I came to middle school, this day hadn’t belonged to me, it’s just a normal working day. No congratulations, no gift, no surprise, everything passed as they used to be, however, we still believe, it’s ours. In fact, have a heart which is full of childish, isn’t it a good thing?

The day in last year, maybe I was at home. There’s still 6 days, I would have the university entrance examination. I have forgotten how anxious I was at that time. It’s less than a week, just in6 days, I would meet the important challenge in my life. The study of 12 years, now I had a final result. It’s a golden fruit, or just a poor history? No one knew at that time. All the things had be fixed now. However, the enthusiasm stand still. Now, I almost feel I’m the xrspook one year ago, but as time goes by, I lose my ability of answering the test paper, and the good friends at that time are far from me. They don’t comprehand, we had seperated her and there.

No matter what I though, I’m no longger the student who has to face teh hell test in Senior Three. I’m just a passerby, a year ago, I went through it, now it’s their turns. I can’t step into the same river twice.

Maybe, I have to know how to flow as. I can’t live in the history, I can’t dream all the time, because the more exciting future is waiting for me to design.


Is Failure a Bad Thing? (publish on weekend)

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Even the greatest personality will make some wrong dicisions. As a result, failure is very common to everybody. The lucky Godness won't always comes with you.

I failure a bad thing or good thing? Many people have plenty of different opinions about it. Some of them will think that failure really hurt them, comsequantly, they will fall down and never stand up again at that point. Of course, these person won't think failure is a good thing. On the other hand, the optimistic person will always believe, the failure is just a reward, however, the most important thing is the process. He had enjoyed the process, that's enough. Or they will have a excuse to themselves that the failure is the mother of success.

In my opinion, we should know how to face failure in a right angle. First of all, we should find out the reason of our failure, and then do some anglytical research get some experience. This realistic thing can make sure that we won't fail at the same point next time. Meanwhile, most of time, we can't be so calm and do this scientific thing. We can't omit the negative feeling naturally. So at that time, we should learn how to recover ourselves. Though someone will laugh at us that we are just cheating ourselves, yet who will still look you down when you are sucessful next time. If you can control you emotion very well, you must be a strong person.

In a word, I personally think, failure can be a bad thing or good thing, and the final decision is made by yourself. "A man can be destroyed but can't be defeatd." With strong ambition, the failure can break it down? So, failure couldn't be a bad thing to a optimistical man.


The Road is Ending

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The Road of Growing Up, the play of our whole  class in English rale play calsses, now it has gone to the end.The last common of it is made by teacher that we made a miracle, because we put 16 person in 10 minutes’ role play. (including me, the aside) How we can do it? I don’t think we made a miracle, maybe at teacher’s side, it is really a very suprised thing.

She asked us that all our class must participate in he play, and we did it. At least, the quatitiy of the player is a miracle. She has never thought there would be such a class and had such a play. In fact, at the very beginning, I had never imagine we could do it. All the people seemed pay no attention to it, just like none of their business. In my opinion, I felt very alone, I just worried by myself. Every evening, I had nightmare because of it, who can understand me? Who can share the worry of me.

Until the mid-night of last Thursday (maybe we should say Friday morning), I found a associate, I found a person had the same dream as me, we all hoped we had a good ending. Have the same target, and go to great lengths to do it is really great. I found someone to shared my pressure, or in another word, she found me to share the same thing.

Until this after noon, I didn’t realized the enthusiasm hiding in my classmates. I felt it, they also had the same dream as me. I had been down in some times, however, after that, I felt their strong enthusiasm. As the back control  of the play, I had more power, and more pressure. I was really afraid that I pulled my leg out, and then lose their faces. If it’s just my private presentation, I just need to stand the scold by my own heart. But if unconsciously, I failed this time, I would lose their faces.

Now, all the things had become an beautiful, unforgettable and miracle history. I know I must believe them, I must trust them, I can lean on them. The play is ending, however, the road of living here together is still comging to us.



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早上起来看了:斌斌 De 有声 Blog地下铁咖啡sweetbriar终于回来了,她终于又开始写自己的日记。而斌斌还是那个样子,还是十分喜欢看他的照片,他的生活,特别他说到他外婆去世之前的说的那句“俺斌斌……”我的感情之珠又在眼眶里打转转了。

Isaac Mao(毛向辉)
Not isaacmao.com
加入了自己的收藏夹,有空的时候还是要看看这些专业人士的东西,有助自己的提高,虽然是green hand,但也不能做不思上进的小白啊!


今天,突然找到了自己初中的两篇作文,都是自己觉得有价值的,于是就打了出来,于是日志数目就一下子超越了500。它们分别是:自负的日记 :: 我的天减负不减难,学生怎么办?! :: 我的天






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