Time for Me to Change

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When I read the lesson "How to Make a Good Impression", I know I have many places to change. To change my action, change my attitude, change my way of speak… All the things I must change, if I want to be a succeeful man. The behavious of mine are so terrible, it means I am not polite, though I am a girl, but it seems I am just a rule man.

The biggest thing I must change is my self-centre thought. It is not exit when I was young, but as I am grown up, the lonely day became more and more, and I didn't communicate with many people. I often stay in a place, keep silence, watch others but having no words to say. Too many time of solitude made my self-centre, because at that time, I didn't need to think about others. The only thing I care is myself.

I say "I" to often! Or you can say I think about myself too often . I often just focus on my own problems. Others' things are none of m business. I complain frequentlky, because of a tiny problem I will complain all day. Because of a cloudy day, because of some meetings, because of money problem, because I don't know how to finish my homework, because… Everday, everytime, everywhere I will complain, no matter who I complain to. Maybe I just moan in a little voice, more often I yell to others. My emotion is so strange, it not only drives myself crazy but also dirives others mad. In fact, I just take serious and I am no good at showing my feeling, so I express my feeling in a volient way, but the poor thing is only my good friends know this. I can control in my heart, but I can't control my actions either, that's my problem.

This horrible habit formed when I was in middle school, because of an unforgetable basketball match. In that match my class lost, but we couldn't stand the fact, we cried and started my first complain. From then on, my complains are just like the water in Changjiang River, can't stop, and became more and more frequently.

I have two pole of my emotion: silence and complain. I think I can change this situation, but I won't. The environment stay still, how cna I change myself?

The social won't let my naughty, and I don't want to be the strangest one. The own style of life is good, but if it's too many, it means naughty or cant't be liked. Hope I can change, it's the right time for me to change.



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Today, I can’t go home, it’s just the beginning of my bad luck. Because of the exercise of the Red Cross tomorrow morning, so every other week, I must stay in Wushan Apartment to spend the unwilling night.

At first, we were going to eat sweetmeat in Frenach, but when we got there, there had be so many people, the restaurant is carrying that you the sweetmeat buffet dinner 18 Yuan per person. The first aim we missed. We didn’t know where to eat or eating what. Then we went to the old place-DHR to have our supper. Still remembered it’s the first place we had our supper, at that time we also didn’t know where to eat or eating what. We had the same situation, the same choice and the same feeling. It just like we are having a circle action.

After supper, we also went to PARKNSHOP to have our shopping. We had no plan when we got there, but after we saw the things, we began to lose our control, picked up this one, and then that one… The result was all of their wallets lose their weight. Though in this situation, I had good self-control, yet as they bought so much, I didn’t bought a little, it maybe seemed I was too stint. I had no choice but buying something too.






To be or Not To be

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It is a good thing or not? The P.E. classes today didn't need to test our 800-metre race, and today we just practiced and the next week is really our test. Do not have to run right now, it's a good thing, but I have to be afraid for one more week, and the feeling will be terrible the same, in this side, is it good?

We run 3 rounds today, it meant we had run 1200 meters. The feeling was not so bad, at first, we run very slowly, and the secondly, I thought run two rounds looked like better than run 4 rounds (if it's 200 meters per round). I could feel the breath was OK, or you could say it's very comfortable. Though I had run 1200 meters, but I was still here. I still could feel myself, I hadn't die. The tennis teacher asked us to run 1200 meters in this speed every other day until the test. I really want to, this time I feel jogging is not so bad, if I have some music, which will be better. But in fact, I won't do it, because of no playground, because of I don't want to get up so early, because, because, because… So many because. After today's practicing, I am not so afraid as I used to be.






To be a Designer

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My class is going to make our own clothes and flag. So every dormitory must designs their owe one. “The fire burns high when everybody adds wood to it.” A united people are like a strong city fortification, everyone must do something for it.

I always thought to make “Food”, “Science”, “Three”, “Zero” and “Four” together in a sign to be our badge. Of course I must choose the first letters. In math classes, when the teacher was not speaking something, I would go to in my mind to unite those things together. I was not a professor designer; I hadn’t had any class about it before. The only thing I had was a warm heart, and a very pressing hope. After many times failed, I got an idea!
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The second one is my first designs, but it is void of the letter “S”, in fact, it is easier to understand. The first one is more activity. The shape of “S” hair, it’s very modern and meaningful.

And then we also must design four sentences to be our leading words: “超越自我,激励成功”,”Just do it”,”‘食’力无限,’品’劲十足”,”活力无限食工(3)”. The second I repeated we are not the professor of advertisement designers, so the sign and the words maybe also terrible and can’t bring to the others, but sincerely, they are all made by us in heart. Also, we wrote a Fido Dido in the back of the clothes (the 7 up’s model) in his (Fido Dido) shirt, we will write our number. At first we want to write some Chinese character in the right and downs side of the shirt, but you know, the Chinese character are too difficult to write, so at last, though we had such design, we gave up.





Cloudy Day Made Me Upset

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I like the sun is shining, and the birds are singing, and then my happiness is coming. I don’t like cloudy day, it made me think about poor things or boring things.

The rainy day I also don’t very enjoy. But as I live in Guangzhou, I have to face it every year. In the cloudy and wet day, everywhere is in cold and moist, you almost can smell mold just around you. The fortunate thing is that the climate in Guangzhou is not Mediterranean Climate. The summer is hot and dry, but the winter is cold and wet. This kind of climate appears in J.Z. Coetzee & Garcia Márquez stories, just when I read them, I hate that weather, and it makes heavy and me upset.

It is a long time that I haven’t seen rain here. A lot of places are too dry to grow crops and food, thought I don’t like raining, in heart, I really hope it rain. The cloudy day let me feel, as I can’t breath, it’s so suppress. When the English class was going, I heard “sha”, and then looked out of windows, it rained at last. It’s the second I met rain in South China Agricultural University. The first I was still in military training, and that experience was so terrible, but this time, I just needed to sit in the classroom and shared the moment.

今天的风好象大了,天真的凉了吗?昨天的蚊子弄得我无法入睡。为什么广州的秋天看不到黄叶纷飞,却见雨了呢?什么秋高气爽,怎么我没有一点感觉?树叶没黄,因为五山公寓这里连一棵大点的树都没有,地上的草全黄了,不知是不堪8000多人的践踏还是因为开始它们秋天的新衣,正准备着冬天的休息,然后决定明春再闯一番新事业呢?它们有如此长远的计划,但我却没有,我连明天要干什么,为什么要干,怎么干都不知道。 我没有“I want it that way” instead I have no way in my brain.

The wind is bigger, the rain is heavily, but my brain-storm hasn’t come.我不是幻想家,绝对绝佳的设计理念,甚至我连自己都预测不到。如果要用一种颜色形容今天,一定是灰色,没有重点,没有激越,没有脾气,没有欢乐,什么都没有,“xrspook in the middle”,是一种不死不活,不上不下,不左不右的状态。

今天,是一个同学的生日,昨天努力的查字典,学会了一句西文¡Feliz cumpleceños!—Happy birthday!到此为止第一句为用而学的西文。

Cloudy day, upset me.

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