Emotion and Reality

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When I need someone to tell me how to solve with problem about emotion and reality, this essay appeared. It's one of the most difficult article of that book, the difficult level is the top five. It's the first essay I have met in this level. I will chew and digest it seriously.

quote from: 《2006大学英语六级考试规范阅读160篇》 P254~255

Emotion and Reality

It is notorious that facts are compatible with opposite emotional comments, since the same fact will inspire entirely different feelings in different persons and at different times in the same person; and here is no rational deducible connection between any outer fact and the sentiments it may happen to provoke. They have their source in another sphere of existence altogether, in the animal and spiritual region of the subject's being.


Conceive yourself, if possibly, suddenly stripped of all the emotion with which your world now inspires you, and try to imagine it as it exist, purely by itself, without your favorable or unfavorable, hopeful or apprehensive comment. It will be almost impossible for you to realize such a condition of negativity and deadness. No one portion of the universe would then have importance beyond another; and the whole collection of its things and series of its events would be without significance, character, expression, or perspective.

Whatever of value, interest, or meaning our respective worlds may appear endowed with thus pure gifts of the spectator's mind. The passion of love is the most familiar and extreme example of this fact. If it comes, it comes; if it doesn't come, no process of reasoning can force it. Yet it transforms the values of the creature loved as utterly as the sunrise transforms Mont. Blanc from a corpse-like gray to a rosy enchantment; and it sets the whole world to a new tune for the lover and gives a new issue to his life. So with fear, with indignation, jealousy, ambition worship. If they are there, life changes. And whether they shall be there or not depends almost always upon non-logical, often organic conditions. And as the excited interest which there passions put into the world is our gift to the world, just so are the passions themselves gifts; gifts to us, from sources sometimes low and sometimes high; but almost always non-logical and beyond our control. Gifts, either of the flesh or of the spirit; and the spirit blows where it lists, and the world's materials lend their surface passively to all the gifts alike, as the stage-setting receives indifferently whatever alternating colored lights maybe shed upon it from the optical apparatus in the gallery.

Meanwhile the practically real world for each one of us, the effective world of the individual, is the compound world, the physical facts and emotional values in indistinguishable combination. Withdraw or pervert either factor of this complex resultant, and the kind of experience we call pathological ensues.


Nothing Can Do but This

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I don’t know what should I do. The subject taken is so annoying, and the classes became more troublesome too. "Life is not easy to any of us, we must work hard everyday until we succeed…" this sentence appear to me once again.

When I didn’t fall into this trouble this morring or exactly was noo, I was so happy to read the news online, my whole body could enjoy in them without any other aonfusing, but now, all have changed, the computer, the TV, the songs, the people I like… come around to me, the poor thing is that’s just a perfect dream, the dream never comes true.

I face the fact. The old place, the old person adn the old daily book. Nothing can do but this. Do I need to read the new test book? No, I don’t want to ! Do I go to sleep? But it’s still early! The Q dog blows into my mind, but I can’t get it. The broadcast time had passed, I missed it, maybe it was the last, but I missed it.

The English writting become an diffecult job to me. I can’t show my feeling, I can’t show what I what easily from them. What happened? Just a winter vacation, but all ability is disappeared. Pick up the gel-pen to write is so difficult, of course, for such a long time, the computer keyboard has taken the place of my pen.

All the vacation I didn’t write an English essay, that’s why now I feel the difficult.

Anita, no te rajes has gone into a very excellent show. The dramatic contradiction will become very sharp. The evil person will come again.

"Tomorrow is another day and will be better." It’s the sentence I learn from the forum of "Anita". For a long time, I just know the sentence at the beginning, but the end of the sentence is so perfect too. "Will be better", I hope I will be better too.

That’s all I want to say.

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