Chemical Experiment Embarrassing

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The way of my learning chemistry was better than the physics one. Though it’s experiments also have the smae situation as my phyiscs experiments, what can I do???

The experiments are alway embarrassment to me. Every time, I must make more or less mistakes. Because of careless, because of diffferent unexpectable situation. So I always found myself in trouble when doing the experiments. For this, my teahcers will be angry with me, I don’t know why I will do so many silly things, I’m not a stupid in real life, but in experiment, I can’t preict so perfect. And then, the result is I failed again in the same experiment.

Now, my chemiscal experiment teacher is the same teacher who teacher my Inorganic and Analyze Chemistry last term. I don’t think my relation of her is too bad, at least my last achievement was not so bad, I had finished all my homework by myself, yet maybe sometimes I would "fishing" in her classes.

But this term, I found the relation between she and me are not so good. I never hated her, but now I’m really a little afraid her. I have noticed, when she faced others, she always smiles, but to me, just the serious I can feel. Till now, have scold by her many times, though I know that’s all because my careless. But did she need to do such cold thing to me??? Personally, she’s right, yet to me, it’s cruel. Maybe I also do the same thing to others, and what will others think about me??? The same??? I also hated by others??? Because we two point others’ weak point without any prevent??? Directly really can hurt oithers when we don’t know. Become and unwelcome person unintentional.

The chemical experiment classes really made me embarrass, at the same time it also make me carefully know myself. Known the action I have done or doing now, I was so cruel to others. Direct is good, but sometimes we also need a euphemistical way and some humor. I’m afraid the person do so cruel to me , so are others.

Now, I’m having philosophy classes. Right now I had watched a video "Alexander The Great"(亚历山大大帝) I don’t know why it would play this in philosophy classes. Now, the teacher is telling story again, so, it’s also time to over. It’s time to pay attention to my class.

Maybe, embarrassing can be a good thing.


Super High Jump- A Course in Physics

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A Course in Physics, I’m not afraid of it. The history o fmy learning physics is so miracle. The first time I knew physics when I was in middle school, the time I had physics as my formal course, that situation was not so good, in my opinion, my first teacher (Lily) was a terrible person. But as our friendshiop came out by chance, my feeling turn from hate to like. I studied physics hard, because I wanted to give her more success. Have such a student, I hope she could be pround of me.

As time goes by, she left me also by chance. The teacher I didn’t like her too, though after some weeks, she found my power and even be pround of me, but I still hated her. At that time, I also learnt physics very hard, because I couldn’t lose my faces in front of her.

Went to high middle school, the situation became more unpleasant. Sent to a key physics class, the headteacher is a physics teacher. He’s sex is different from the physices teachers I had, he is a male. However, he also had a same point as the teachers I had- I hated him. But at that time, I never had ability to "give hime some colour to see see", I had do my best, but it didn’t work, so I gave up. Though I gave up the situation was not so bad as my expect, even in sometimes my physics achievement had become the top ten in class, yet it’s just an accident, I was even better than the students who chose physics.

When I was in Senior 2&3, the physics teacher changed. That’s the change point, I liked both of them, a male and a female. They are full of experience. If I had known them before, I must like physics very much, and that’s the kid to me.

Right now, I have to learn physics again. Every week, I have three physics classes and evey other week, I have two physics experiment classes. The speed of the physics classes are horrible. Each classes, the teacher cna teach a chapter, and then the homework will like the flood of water surging me again and again. The priciples of the knowledge are acceptable, but the way fo solve the real problem is another. The combination of high mathimatic and physics, it’s horrible for me.

The history of physics is so up and down, just like a miracle. Today, the road becomes hard to me again, maybe I can make a miracle, who knows?


Meaningful Weedkend

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If I said it’s weekend, I’d better say it’s Saturday, just a Saturday without Sunday. All my happiness las completely ruined by the awful things.

The Friday’s evening till Saturday morning. Just sat in front of computer, I forgot the time and forge\ot the tired. You know, it’s very hard to face the computer for such a long time, and it’s also real that I didn’t feel it until I went to sleep. When I lied on the bed, the shoulders, the eyes were all tired, but the mental it encourage me really work.

I’m not a mad person, cost so many time in front of computer didin’t mean I lose myself in it. This time I didn’t watch my favourite Anita, no te rajes, from videos to its episodes. I had never so carefully in my study. For the software I don’t know, for my own websie design for more and more the things I don’t know, I become very crazy. Saturday is hard but meaningful, I enjoyed it and had learned a lot from it. I deserved to do such things. Own master study is the best teacher, and at the same time, interest is the biggest engine.

Today, I went to slept at 3:00AM and have to get up at 6:30AM. Becuase of the Red Cross training. I must arrived at its training room at SCAU at 8:30AM. The time is very tight.

The training today was also useful, it’s assessment and airway. It’s very necessary the save a people’s life.The action I had seen in many other places, such as books and all kinds of dramas. The 105 capítulo of Anita, no te rajes: Eduardo had to do such thing for te faint death Anita. And this thing in my eMule download list. However, I can’t see it!!! Compare with the half professional learning of me, what about JEA?

After that, one of my roommate and I played tennis in a very bad playground. It also need 10 yuan per hour. The ball was so bad too, my serve ball was also the terrible sight. Too short am I? So the ball was so bad. If I was higher 20 centimetre, the situation will become better, however, it couldn’t be my excuse, everybody has his/her own native weak point, it need himself/ herself to overcome it.

How eager sitting in front of computer, I believe, if you give me more chances, I can do a good job in it!



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昨天在开着“天网”的前提下才大着胆子,到那些随时都会中毒中木马的网站下载Cuteftp,下载了Cuteftp v7.0Cuteftp Pro3.3,最后是安装了后者,两者都有了汉化,但前者好像在破解方面还不完善。其实旧的东西也不一定不好,反而经过很多人的验证反而更可靠。

终于改掉了自己这里的背景音乐,Take Me to Your Heart都用了几乎半年了,是时候换了。到处都是翻唱歌曲的网站,到处都是大容量,但是要不就是限期,要不就是慢,要不就是……对于写申请,我已经耳熟能详了,简直可以说是驾轻就熟。于是合适的放.mp3的地方还是没找到。于是就放了个超小的.mid文件,才23.42KB,  是Amo(AXEL FERNANDO).mid文件,其实也挺好听,起码我喜欢。放在blogbus里面,不接触外面的风风雨雨,恩恩怨怨,blogbus能开它就能开,多了一份安全。

到处在找主页空间。首要条件当然是免费。首先去了虎翼网danzhu用的网我放心,很多人都在51.net上用blog,是通过, 通过这东西就可以在任意的主页上搞blog, 显然速度比一般的blog网站快了很多,而且从网址上也再也看不出是一般的blog了,不过当然功能方面就会少一点。大多这样做的都是高手,高手不需要花巧,他们更多的是需要简洁,快捷。从简单的页面看出一点灵光的思维。用那个创作共用,起码就要首先蒙一堆操作上的英文。这个我当然不怕,Powered by Blogger已经练就我那种东西,不过想起自己的Powered by Blogger就凄惨了,自己完全是用来试验,是用来尝新,一点没有真正用到来写。




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Why I Choose sth. Over sth. Else (publish on weekend)

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If my choice more restricted between teaching and doing business, the former would hold more attration for me.

For one, in my opinion, teaching means share or devote oneself without any paid. Maybe it heard a little bragging. Yet let more people share the knowledge, and know the successful experience, it's not only good for us but our next generation. Without teacher, the knowledge can't pass from now to future.

By contrast with it, in my eyes, business is just personality and selfdish. A good businessman won't care anyone except himself, the self center thought it's the most important thing to a successful merchant. Without benefit, how a good business come out???

For another, I can very enjoy the process of teaching others. The moment you teach someone and then he gets it, that feeling of successful is difficult to destribe by word. In contrast to that, I think if I become very successful in my business, it will mean someone has missed his golden chance and maybe lose his job. I get the great achivement that other must fail to them. There won't exit a two successful between others and me.

And the most stricking difference between both lies in the way of life. Teaching alway a happy job and relax thing to me, because it can help people directly. Let people know whatever I know. On contrary, the business life is so busy. Everyday must think about what others are thinking, and then make a correct prediction. Do so much it's just for keeping the business or let it become better. Have that kinds of life must be very tired. Though the money of business can't compare with teaching.

From the comparisions and contrasts above, anyone cna conclude that my preference for teaching is more reasonable.

(Write to teacher: I think 150 words it's not enough to write such article, because it need to compare, andthe view of points also requeire at least 3. If each sgle point write 2 sentences, the article have become longer than 150 words. In my opinion, the construction of the article is important, and the sentence pattern is important too, but pay too much attention at them but forget the content and fluency, it is also not a good article.)

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