Get up!!!

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In a song and some alarm, my special day began. It’s only a subject remain. But the morning I would have an extra Engineering Drawing class, it’s decided temportary, so it also became the last morning I must get up so early.

The feeling was so strange, though I went to sleep in midnight(1:20AM), yet I almost forgot the painful. Have a good start, and also have a good ending. The sun is still rising, the fog was so thick, all the sign far away was very dim. I didn’t like this fact, but I must accept it, human have no right to control nature.

The teacher was late. Till that time, I didn’t know maybe it would be the last time we met. The Engineering Drawing classes won’t appear to me next term, if nothing is special. How time fly!!! the class was over, and I had drawn for about 2 hours. It’s time to have supper. We were apart, the teaching and be teached had become an history. You know how down I was?

We can meet is a great luck, and the time we must apart also an unbreakable fact. There’s no endless feast.

Hold dear our meet, known each other also a great luck.


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