Last Day, Last Word

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The last day we must stay here, how I can state my feeling? When the days went on, we hoped they could be faster and faster, but when you know the last day has become, and you hope it cna pass slower. What I have done in such a long time? What I have know? What Iii have done? What I have known?

The greatest thing is my dailies. I stick on them all the term, no matter busy or leisure, happy or upset. I am proud of them.

Thinking about my study, it’s on contrary to my dailies. I learned nothing when in classes, but reaped a lot when I review. In a day or two, I had learned more than I had done for 12 weeks. The campus life is just like a magic tale, without test except the final examination. And the time is always full of activities. Doing a homework cna cost you 6 hours, doing a experiment can let you forget yourself, and the the community activities are just like endless. The Red Cross commmunity let me happy and angry, and the Photograph community, I just attended in one of its activities. All the memebers in my room hated its activities information, but it came to us from time to time. The reason is we have paid 10 yuan to attend this community.

The experience of going to online bar and tenis classes are also unforgetable. My birthday was so special too. And I triumphed in the English debate…

The days we had to come and go on the dusty road. The military training has faded to me, I have fogotten the sunshine, the sweat and the pain, remain the joy and one person.

In my spanish learning, I am a failer. Maybe at the very beginning I have the same ability as the professional spanish fresher, but now, I realize the gap, a 100% gap. The time is limited, I didn’t have enough time to carry out my favourite. The hope is good, and the plan is perfect, but I can’t let it to come true.

It’s the last day I write my daily in paper in here (Wushan Apartment), maybe I must give it a full stop.

See you next term!!!


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