I Want It That Way

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I Want it That Way

Last night I went to bed at about 1:30 AM. I had a furious battle with the evils of my computer, and I am the last wonderful winner. I killed the Trojan virus in my computer which called “EXPLORER.EXE”. That kinds of Trojan died hard very much, so I should scarified something before I knock it down. At first I ordered my Kaspersky Anti-virus insulate that Trojan at this time, and then restarted my computer then entered safety model. And then started the Kaspersky Anti-virus at that model (because the Anti-virus can’t auto start there). The Anti-virus could find out the Trojan at once, and then you should according to the instrument then killed the Trojan manually. After that, you should restart your computer again; I must be very surprised that two windows of “My Document” will pop up. If you pay no attention to it, it will pop up every time after you start your computer. Nothing serious, but very annoy. The way of solving this problem is very easy; you just need to use the function “return back” your computer to a few weeks ago, however, the precondition is your system must be Windows XP or better. You can find that function in this way: Start – All the Program – Attachment – Tools of System – System Revert. You computer will all right after restart.

Half of my day was in biological laboratory again. Our team made a big mistake time after time. We really pay out a lot, but received such a little. My partner and I were the most unlucky one on earth, through the experiment we had to gain much more experience than others, there’s no double of it. On the other hand, we were lucky dog, we didn’t what was wrong until the last moment, and then when the ugly result came out, we took a tumble at the same time. You can laugh at our incaution, yet in out part we had done our best.

The beginning of the day was not so bad, all the things went on as usual, and the only problem was under others’ control, so we had to wait, wait and wait. During that time we used the sterilizers finished what we had to do, at the same time, we washed about 3 dozen of test tubes. Finishing the clearing was not easy as you aspect, first you should dip them in boiling water, because the agar inside was so bigotry, it’s very difficult to melt in normal temperature yet hot water and the boiling water is its big enemy. So we boiled the test tubes, after the agar melt we washed in normal way.

We saw our boss again! The last time we communicate with him was about two weeks ago. You couldn’t find him in his office, you won’t meet him in the laboratory, and you must be luck enough to see my tutor, my boss, the little fat man. We won’t see each other in the next few weeks, because he said he would go to Wuhan to participate a big meeting of microbiology in China. He tutor and also his boss asked him to go, so he left. We will have the time of ours from now on before he comes back. We didn’t have to go to his office or others place to find such a person to report our headway.

The evening came and the unfortunate came with it. It’s very difficult to remelt our mediums. What a bad luck! We had done what we could do, but our kid – the mediums seemed to kid us for about two hours. And then when we was about to declare we had finished the job today, we realized we did a big mistake again – the mediums were not enough, we should have 1000mL each but we just had 500mL at that time, however, all the culture dishes had been unseal. We did a great deal of useless effort again. In such situation, we both didn’t want to blame anyone, no one was wrong; we did the stupid thing all together. We even didn’t lose our heart; we just said to us we gained experience again. What monsters we are? How we did angry or depress at all? I don’t know why, maybe that’s why we run into a blank wall and recovery very soon. That’s the shining point of us and also the ridiculous point of us.

After all, we ended our job in the little prepared room with yuk. Two powerful girls was twiddle with bundle of keep fresh paper. We did our effort to cut it with a knife, it’s so difficult, and then we wringed it, draught it, hit it, and even use the knowledge in our professional class to slit it. All our force had been shown up, the tough keep fresh paper stand still. As used to be, we didn’t be angry but be happy very much with each other. At last, the keep fresh paper had been cut into two part, but with a very ugly face, we didn’t’ mean to, really!

I want it that way, a little stupid but innocent.

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  1. avatarkevin

    I think you are a good girl as you do it better in English!
    And your blog is my favourate.Sometimes I can come here to see your words and your happiness or sadness.
    Wish you have a happy everyday!
    xrspook 对 kevin 的回复: 2006-10-28 23:48:29
    Most of my essays here were talking about unhappy things, then I complained it again and again. Sometimes, I thought I was an evil who just knew how to feel the bad side of everything.

    No matter what, thank you for your courage.


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