Because of Ambition

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Red Heart, Ambition

Maybe it’s the last year I attend the sports meeting. As a junior in university, I’m the oldest who will play such game; senior won’t pay any attention at us. Just like the last chance in middle school and high school, an unbelievable ambition struggle me. I don’t know why, my heart ask me to do a better job this time. I can’t understand my heart, why just exert myself at the third year, the last time, shouldn’t we do our best in any time? Why we let a lot of chances flow away, and define some of are the most important one and then make a decision to create a miracle. That’s not fair, however, human being like playing such unfair show.

Everyday I quote out more and more day to do some sports. The only reason is to lose my weigh than I could run faster during the competition. I really want to do better, nevertheless, when others asked me why I rope skip this days, I gave them so an answer: To lose my weigh. Such kind of answer was not the whole truth at all. The mainly reason is I want to perform at that day, after that time, I’m sure I will stop all my sports right now. It’s not for the physical body shape of me but my ambition. Still remember my English teacher said there are two kinds of meaning of ambition: first, it means an eager or strong desire to achieve something, such as fame or power; then, it means the object or goal desired. My ambition has both meaning.

What an aspirant heart! What an ugly heart!

Today, all my roommates went to do some running. Some of us had our goal but the other just had fun. Running in the racetrack of Huashan playground, I really remember a lot. I can’t forget the days in that tennis course, the sun, the temperature, the classmates and the teacher. If I just a freshman, if I just 19 years old, if such it’s really truth, time must be turn back. The feeling in this playground was so strange; I even felt humanity there, even though in fact I didn’t familiar with it at all.

Time did not stand still, now, ambition control me. Ok, Ok, I put my hand up; I will follow your order, that’s all.


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