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Two of my professional classes’ teachers have talk about the subject that we can be a professional in any other subjects. That seems impossible and the road leads to that goal must be very hard, and be full of difficulty, however, if you persist to it, that does can become truth no matter what. I don’t know why both of them talked about this subject now, maybe they wanted to imply something that I can’t infer now.

You main subject is not the whole road of all you life. The future is still in your control, and of course even you are good at steering your wheel, maybe your car still will bounce up and down. If you are driving at the road which is suitable to your car, in this way, you may feel better, but you must know if you choose the best road to yours why not others do the same. They learned food as main course as well; maybe they will perform better than you and the other top ones in others subject also will join in your journey. How to be out standing one, that’s a great, question, or you can say how to be a person that can stand stably among them that is a deep knowledge. No matter in what roads, there must be full of competitors beyond you. You should understand if you don’t set your goal and then flow with the water, only the devil came to you again and again.

And what target you are eager to achieve? You should have the best answers. You can be a layer, a scientist, an engineer, a doctor, a tutor, a businessman, a police a designer, a worker…

My professional subject is food science, but I think I can have a job that doesn’t have any relationship with it. I am still in the colorful world. All the roads are open to be, and never be too late. The only important thing is that whether you like the road you select. Now you can still choose another road, and when you are thirties the entrances are still open, and even when you are fifties the same thing still, however, at that time, whether you still have energy to driving in other unfamiliar road? I am a severely undivided person, and I usually exert myself in something and can’t get out. I like my subject very much till now, and didn’t have any idea to leave, that’s because I like it, instead of being afraid of the completion in other subject, yet I know many people don’t think so, after some of university course they have found themselves were not belong to the main subject they learn. They have a good excuse to leave, if you know what you want I think it’s time for you’re to reach the peak of that hill and then pick the golden fruit. Before of changing you should know the hard of your new decision, the hidden difficulty still exist.

Turn around; it’s still not too late, if you really like it.

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