The Power of Love

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We lost the tug of war in the third round, but all of us feel the power of love. We are willing to lose all our own. We are stronger, stronger than our shape. Now I know why we have power to confront so many difficulties in the past, that’s because we have the power of love. With strong mind, we could overcome all kinds of devil.

After reading the first paragraph, you must think I am talking about the air with no sense. However, the incident really unites us, and made me feel warm. I am really comfortable in this collectivity. At the very beginning of this year, I have made a vow to god that I could join in a team, and now my dream came true. I realize that I have been in that team for more than a year. The members are around me more than 4 days a week, and the team I wanted to join is Class Three of Food Science and Engineering 2004. The golden fruit is in my hand and I didn’t realize for more a year, just like a blind, a deaf, and a dumb.

The accident is here:

After losing the tug of war, all of us were used up, though we have pulled out all our energy in physics, and the strong faith with stick we up for a long time seemed disappeared suddenly.  The goddess of victory was no long at our side. I didn’t want to say anything, neither my classmates. We told us maybe that is a good way to release, tomorrow we wouldn’t need to think about the semifinal and maybe the final war any more. We could enjoy our P.E. class tomorrow afternoon, and do what we what to do at night.

Suddenly, one of my female classmates didn’t feel well. She was having a whirling sensation and a tendency to fall. The situation became severe second by second. Some of us knew the reason — she is carrying the plan of losing weight, so her meal is less than usual and the most important thing is she drank a yoghourt instead of eating a formal dining tonight. Low blood sugar is the biggest murder. At the very beginning, we thought we should let her have a great meal and the problem would be solved. But this time the devil was really there! Just after walking for a short way, she couldn’t move any longer. She should drink glucose at once! After a little chaos, I run out of the crowd and run out of the playground. I kept running down the brae, our canteen is just there. During this time, a thought strived on me, I must be quick, or a life must be in danger. I asked the seller in a loud voice that did you have anything with high sugar; my classmate is in low sugar. She was shock in while and skims the drinking again and again, and didn’t make any choice. In such situation, I run again, I know where have the glucose drinking — the dormitory supermarket. I rushed to the frozen sucker and picked out the glucose drinking then paid money in a short time. Thank goodness there are too many people at that time.

In the way back, I had seem a crowd was coming, that should be my classmates. We came closer and closer, I saw she was on the shoulder of one of my male classmate. And the others were just around them. We are very anxiety. Do you have feeling now? Do you feel better? I didn’t know what had happen. And then she started to drink the glucose, sitting at the side of road. I could see how anxiety of my classmates. After a while, she felt better, and our team moved to the dormitory hospital together. After she lay on the bed, we could take a breath, because at least now she was still OK. I heard the news when I left to buy the drink, she even lost her feeling, the girls was in a confusion, and then they called back the boys (after the tug of war, they had left). Somebody fell into faint!!! They shouted at the photo. And you can imagine what expression would on their face. They came back, and moved to hospital with a crowd.

I witnessed the beginning and the end. I feel I’m not alone. They really will help you in necessary. I’m sure of that. And that’s the power of love. And today is 03-08, Women’s Day, and the Girls Day in our university. I won’t forget 2006-03-08 forever; it must be one of the most important parts of my whole life.


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