To be A Good Guy

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hat’s a good guy? The one has a good heart all the time, no matter what happened and to whom. I want to be such a person; however, the real life is far from so easy.

Today my classmate forgot to return my calculator again, and then I became frustrating. I just thought about how annoy he was, because he lent my calculator on Monday and didn’t return it till Friday. Every time when I wanted to use that machine I would blame him automatically, nevertheless, it meant nothing but I just took out my feeling in a rude way. I scolded at him this time and annoyed myself the next time. Please forgive me, I can’t help doing that. In fact it didn’t mean that how I hated him, after letting out my annoyance this time I could forgive him at once, but I think as a Chinese it’s not polite to do so. I’m not a good guy.

I want to become better, the one can forgive any one who has done whatever errors, however, I’m far from hitting that target. Since the basketball match in the middle school, the evil in my heart was activated and never stopped turning me into a devil. From then on, xrspook was no longer an innocent little girl but a devil that was full of complains. Sometimes the angel of xrspook will fright with the evil xrspook. As a result, I think I have become a double character, however, fortunately, the angel most of the time will take the control, so most of the time I can think about others in the first place. At the same time, life is not easy for any of us, the devil will come to be very strong and make me lose my temper, at that time, and I will become a mad person, scolding at everyone even though the one just did a little error.

Maybe, I can’t blame all my evil behavior to that match, realistically; I should learn how to endure. Tolerant is a good way which can put out or well control the evil fire in my heart. In this way, I shouldn’t always compare myself to others, and I shouldn’t thinking about what I have done and hope to get the same fruits from others. What you get is always far from what you give.

Moreover, it’s the experience of my life that to be a good guy means you dedicate your love which you can’t expect the others will give the same love to you, because most of the time they can’t do so, for they haven’t wanted to be a good guy. We should think about if we stop dedicating our good heart, why we could eager others to do so. We can’t stop doing the goods even though others refuse to do. In my opinion, we should do the good forward, and believe others will touch by this. Life needs our good heart to decorate. Actions always speak louder than words, so do it today, become a good guy who has a good heart and promote the good to the devil beyond you. Believe me, one day, after our well-do they can realize it.

To be a good guy and never stop even though all the people beyond you are devils. Don’t give up even though without any courage. I should learn to endure.


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