No Good and No Bad

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The experience of yesterday in computer bar was so unforgetable. The first trying, the new feel, a special road in my life. Yet because of limit of time, I said nothing in yesterday’s daily. I didn’t know what I had written,some mix feeling, or you can say I coudn’t use words to express myself. The lesson I learned from yesterday was that I was very slowly typing Chinese caracters, but very fast in typing letters of alphalet. So till now, in a week, I will write all my daily in English. Saving my time is saving my money!

The mirale happened! I didn’t feel trired and wanted to sleep in today’s Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry classess. I could focus myself entitely. In this way, I not only could know what the teacher said and also could figure out where she was not perfect, and she had some place must be improved. Maybe the good emotion reeally can  lead a good day and let people enjoy everything in whole day.

The most excited thing was the English classes. We could watch a film today instead of boring lesson. I llked forward to that. And at the same time, the teacher would check our homework, I wasn’t worry at all, for a long time I had done a good prepare. And I almost had a litte hope that she checked the homework. The film we watched today was "Antz". It made by "dreamwork" and was a carton film. I knew it before, but never saw it. It’s talking about an ant called "Z", his story was great, from low place worker ant became a hero ant. From his name "Z", you could  see how no use he was. He didn’t  have strong power, evern didn’t have any special chance leaded to higher place, but he did. Because of an very occasinal chance, he met the princess ant, he loved her at first sight, and the power of love let him had a heroic deeds. In Chinese its "小流氓变叱咤红人". A poor guy became powerful, it always the main idea of American movie. And it’s so funny, let us burst into laugh for many times.

The tennis classes in the afternoon were not was my imagination. Because I had passed last time, so I didn’t need to have test again. So in my room. three of us had passed , but the last one still couldn’t success this time. When she beat the ball, the head of her pat was too low, the teacher said she was sweeping, and even didn’t give he chance to have the test. Poor her!

Nothing is excited today, and now I remembered a depress thing of computer bar, I can’t type spanish! How can they do that! It’s right to write spanish, the computer bar in SCAU also a Bumpkin too!!!


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