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Authorization, it's an important thing we must obey on internet. Provided we have found some information from other websites and use it in ours, we must leave the address the original website. It's a simple thing but very important. And do it is very easy, however, if you forget to make such mark you will get trouble.

When I was a freshman of internet surfer, I ignore those kinds of authorization, but now, I have realized the necessary of it We are not just do it as we like, moreover we must do it without and hesitate. Because not everyone can stand his/her productions appear anywhere without writing his/her name on it. They mind it very much, so before we use their production we must inform his/her. Not before getting his/her permission, we can't use it freely in public, complete with your own website or public in any other website and paper. Although I don't care if my work was published without my authorization, yet not everybody likes me. If I found my words in someplace I will also very surprise, but I won't annoy anyone, yet I will still feel something uncomfortable. Think about myself, I can understand of other authors. So I respect others authorization when publishing some information in internet.

Maybe you won't understand why I say this, and now I give you the example which just happened yesterday in this website: http://jorgeenriqueabello.net/foro/viewtopic.php?t=347 (The original website is in Spanish, you can translate it into English by this: http://www.freetranslation.com/free/web.htm ) Katerina Anhel published a new post in that forum to inform us that she had put the videos in her website. And the author of the video who is also the owner of that forum replied Katerina Anhel that she (Katerina Anhel) had done something that overpassed her (Martha) authorization. Because the videos were made by Martha, and she had put them in http://www.jorgeenriqueabello.net/GaleriadeVideos.htm . though Katerina Anhel has put the videos in her own place: http://jorgeeabello.fanklub.hu/tvmusorok.html yet she still devalued Martha’s work. From here we know, some authors very mind of their authorization. I don't mean that it's not good for them to protect their own rights, they very justify. If we didn't want to get any trouble, we just need to put the original address in the page you publish, that's all.

Katerina Anhel and some friends in Hungary maybe have the same habits as me in some aspects, such as I translate the some Spanish essays into Chinese and they translate those essays into Hungarian. Now I'm very taking care of the addresses of original resource, though I do the translation, and the characters of the essays are different from the original one, I will also put the address at the head of my work to show the original authorization. However, after reading many essays from some Hungarian friends’ website, it seemed they still didn't form the habits of leaving the original address. A lot of Spanish friends had reminded them time to time, however, they seem still. I didn't want to blame anyone; nevertheless I still think taking care of others authorization is very important, we can't ignore it. Ignore it is not right! We must respect others just as others respect us.

I did a foolish thing yesterday, so I feel a little guilty now. It seemed I had done something to go along with Katerina Anhel and her great job. Because I really didn't know Martha had put those videos in her website before. Because of my incaution, I behaved very silly. So sorry, I didn't mean to. I think the God will forgive my ignorance, and hope she will forgive me too.

Authorization is important in anywhere, we must respect others anytime.


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