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After two trounble days, I have a free afternoon at last. You know, compare with the long summer holidays, it seems nothing, but in fact, it really help me to be calm and breath the air.

All the member of my room went out at this "short break", one XX, the others went to d some mony deal and then search the "helping books". 

Our computer teacher had said there was a book store called "TianDing" at some place. but when we got there, there’s not such store. So we had to walk a long way and found nothing. You know, that was noon, the sun is shinning and the people in the street were not so many. We really wanted to give up. There’s nothing wrong with our searching ability, the only reason was that our teacher remembered the wrong name or she just wanted to kid us.

At last, we went into the first store, and bought what we wanted. Though the stores’s name is different, yet we still could buy our book at price of  75% , there’s enough. If we knew we couldn’t find "TianDing", we should buy our book when we went to that store at the first time, and then we could save more energy and save a long way… But I know there’s not "if" in the world. It told me a lesson that if you have a chance, grab it at once, coudn’t hesitate to do it, believe yourself, and believe the God is really giving you a gife.

After that, we went to the Guangzhou Book-selling Center, and wanted to buy some "helping books", but the result was – nothing, we could not find any of our needs!!! What our life will be!!! What my homework will be!!! Must I do the homework very hard by myself during this term at all subject?? A bad news, it’s really a horrible news to us. Without any help, what can we lean on? Ourselves? We should have some confidence about our ability, but…

I brought 3 CDs from Book-selling Center. And one of them is planning to be a gife. Do you know who I want to give? Do you know what is that? Guess! I won’t write it out right now :)


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