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As a university student, now I am a sophomore, but I don’t feel like such university guy in fact. I have learnt nothing in the past year. The study is the same as I was pupil or even smaller — boring, have no freedom at all.

My action doesn’t like an adult but a little child. I don’t know what I have learned from here. In the large classroom, almost 150 people sitting there, listening to one teacher who is saying something that is far from our real life. Maybe all of our life we won’t use that thing again, however, that’ s our life. I don’t know why we waste so much time at doing this, nevertheless, others tell me that’ s the life in university, it’s the fate of every students, especially the student living at this time. We have no choice but this, even though you had no interests at this course, yet you have to stand it, because you have to take care of your academic achievement, which will contract to your future, your job, your life…

We are making the base of our wonderful life now. Are you sure? I don’t think so. Provided I haven’t learned the principle of every experiment, I could work it out. Is the principle learning necessarry? Yet, the question is even I remembered it today, however, after having the final examination all of us will forget that knowledge at all at once. I don’t think the target of learning a knowledge is to have a good mark. But, if anyone can tell me, she/he is beyond this? Learn it and forget it, why not use that plenty of time doing some meaningful thing or having a good sleep instead? 

Suddenly, I found it’s no use to go to university. If I fling myself at my interesting thing maybe I can do better, at least I will be sure that what I am doing is worthful! I’m not a great person, I won’t go to do some science research and find out some secrect of nature and then crash some serious disease. But I believe, my little brain still can do something to improve the life of others, such as servicing them in some field, helping them, enlarging their knowledges… That’s all I can do.

After all, I am not somebody, I just can finish the little task belong to nobody. All the people went to university study is not a good thing, the important thing is to be the people who the society need, to be the people indeed!

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