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Last night, one classmate came to my room and talked for a whole night. I didn’t know why she did that, because she was not so friendly with us. However, last night, it seemed that she couldn’t help stopping herself talkiing a lot.

I didn’t know how to say no, and i had no reason to say no. I wanted to reject, but why should i do that? Other members of my room enjoyed her "topic", but… I couldn’t stop myself from listening to her. You see, when others were talking, it’s no polite that you pretent to hear nothing and did your own thing. As a result, I couldn’t focus my mind on homework, What’s wrong? I want to be friendly with anybody that I can’t refuse such easy thign. She comes automatically, it’s a good chance to make a good relationship, nevertheless I think last night was not the best time.

Before that, I had planned to finish all my maths homework and review the physical chemistry and biochemistry. Yet, such suddently thing changed me, as well as the plan couldn’t carry out any more. And I don’t know when I can find another suitable tiem to continue. You know, even so, I can’t complain everything, because that’s my life. You won’t know what will be the next until it has been carried out.

After a long time "listening", I tried to focus on my homework, but it’s too late, it didn’t work. I wanted to finish it but at that situation all your energy had gone, your body just wanted to sleep.

When I went to bed, my roommate started to chat with me. We were exciting talking about the food. And found how differences betwenn ouir mothers and the food of them. She couildn’t believe my mother’s food, just as I couldn’t believe her mother’s. She felt a little sympathize at me that I have to tolerant such kinds of food and life. As the child of my mother, what can I do when I have such mother.

So this moring, sleeping is my state…


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