Spaymac I Love You

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Want to find a good place to set my website everywhere, here and there, to and fro…正所谓“众里寻他千百度,蓦然回首,那人却在灯火阑珊处”. That is my feeling of finding website place.

Have been a user of spymac for a long time, still remember the experience of getting it. At that moment, the reason of me to do so much hard effort to get it is its 1GB mailbox. The high feeling of own it is difficult to descible by words. At that time, I have own a 1 GB Gmail mailbox, I was very pround at that time, it’s a very good dream to others, however, my dream came true. Own all the biggest mailbox is my expectation that moment. No matter what difficult I will meet, no matter how hard the process is.

To satisfy my great expect, I almost spent 4 hours to get the Spymac.

The Spymac free tools include 1GB mailbox, 250 MB photo Album, a100MB web hosting, and a blog. Yet I just paid attention at mailbox and dforgot others.

Today, I fouind its web hosting is so great too. The advertisments of other free website hosting are annoy8ing me again and again. The free website hosting aboard are too slowly and the free website hosting in China are more terrible. The advertisments are effect my website. They covered my content and the content of their ad are horrible. The yellow things’, the sexy things’ ad are on your website everywhere.

Though the web hosting of Spymac have ad too, yet in my opinion, it’s better. The ads are all Spymac itself, andy ads are just appear in the head of the website. Your own design website is still the same, no flow ads, no awful content. Maybe the speed of opening ti is a little wlower, however, it has setted web hosting in CCTV(means in China). As the useer of Mac computer are increasing, the dMac company will pay more attention to China. Chinese is a terrible endless benefit, the users’ market is waiting for them to develop. So I believe, the service will be better.

Of course, I will set my homepage in my Spymac. Believe you, because I love you.


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