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Episode 718: “Song Beneath the Song” First aired: March 31, 2011


Cast, “Snow Patrol’s – Chasing Cars”

Our doctor’s race with Callie’s gurney through the ER. Everyone works on Callie. Bailey searches for the rapid infuser. She watches the chaos for a second. Bailey grabs Callie’s hand. Callie loses consciousness…

Cast, “Kate Havnevik’s – “Grace””

Callie is on her bed as Addison, Alex, Mark, and Arizona run through the corridor to the OR. Mark and Arizona are left behind. Everyone scrubs in. Lexie, April, and orderlies transfer Callie onto the table.

Cast, “Anna Nalick’s – Breathe (2AM)”

Everyone is trying to help Callie. Der gets ready to operate. Arizona is in the gallery alone. Lexie goes to find Mark. Lexie sings as she moves out of the OR. Mer assists Der on Callie. Lexie enters the lobby and looks around. Chief tells anyone not needed to exit the OR. Alex exits. Lexie looks for Mark. Owen decids to take Callie to the ICU…

Cast, “KT Tunstalls – “Universe & You (Acoustic)””

Arizona sits with Callie and prays.

Cast, “Gomez’s – “How We Operate””

Everyone debates Callie’s case. Mer, Cristina, and Alex watch the proceedings. Owen tells everyone they need to make a plan.

Cast, “The Fray’s – “How To Save A Life””

Everyone works on Callie. Mark and Arizona watch. Mark sings. Cristina and Derek continue to work on Callie. Arizona sings. Cristina continues. Callie watches herself. Chief has his hands in Callie’s chest. Mark, Arizona, and Callie watch. Mark bursts into the OT. Lucy and neo-natal team work on the baby…

Cast, “Get Set Go’s – “Wait””

Bailey enters Callie’s room. We can still hear Mark and Arizona fighting, but muffled. April and Bailey hook Callie up to the IABP machine. Lexie sits on the bench trying to wake herself up. Jackson enters. He tells Lexie they have a plan for Callie. Cristina holds reference books and stares at Callie’s films. Mer is in the bed…

Cast, “Brandi Carlile’s – “The Story”‘

Callie still unconscious. Arizona enters and updates her on the baby. Callie moves across the catwalk. Callie looks at her baby. Mark is there. Lexie and Jackson change to go home. Jackson questions Lexie’s loyalty to him…

Cast, “”Running on Sunshine””

In the car moments before accident. Callie tells Arizona the events that will happen. Arizona gets more panicked and Callie becomes calmer. Bailey is charting, Eli begins to sing to her. Cristina and Owen undressing. Owen sings to her. Henry sings to Teddy who is trying to do a work up on him. Alex sings to Lucy. Bailey sings to Eli. Teddy sings to Henry…


Callie开始口唱Chasing Cars的时候我激动了!那气场把我大大地震慑住了。到最后The Story的时候,我热泪盈眶了,因为The Story一直是我巨爱的歌,虽然我从来没有把这歌唱好过。我实在压抑不住那种捏汗那种激情,The Story是压轴,呜呜呜~~~

Own开口的时候,感觉怪怪的,因为躺在床上被Owen送进抢救的时候Callie似乎被Owen吓到了。不过在How We Operate的时候Owen把握得实在好。









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