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Terrible me! Today I arrived at the classroom at 7:00 AM, at that time just two people there. There’s something wrong with me. Just like yesterday, I did some English exercises and then read “Español Moderno” read English and Español really made me very spiral during the two chemical classes. At the break of the classes I read Español, it’s really very efficient to me, so that I could put all my heart in listening to teacher.


Then I went to practice tennis. Just to find a place, it cost a lot of time. The boys who played terrible football, if I still went there had taken the best place; I just wanted to kill myself. To find a place, we attempted for several places, at last I practiced in the road of A3 and A4. Pat the ball against the wall, I had to pick and pat, just repeated the same movement. But it was still not good enough; it’s always higher or lower, the right ball just appeared 10%. But I must practiced, I didn’t want to be shouted by the tennis teacher for “You haven’t take back your tennis pat, you haven’t finish the action” or “Don’t play too energetically!” (Because it’s really dangerous, will intimidate him or others safe, all of this I have said in my earlier daily.) I must let him and others see my real power, I must give them a great show, let them jealous me! Ha! ha!

今天决定用英汉同时写blog,因为没有太多的时间说英语,只有这样。至于语法错误什么的我就不管了,管TM的。 也去了“百佳”,百佳里没花钱,出了百佳M(Mcdonald)就花掉了17.5,吃麦辣鸡腿汉堡超级套餐,好久没吃了,一年都没吃了,可能因为华农的湘川菜的锻炼,我再也不觉得那以前劲辣的包辣了。

It’s just a start. What will happen if I write all the dailies in English?


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