Crazy Hot Day

By xrspook @ 17:56:35 归类于: 烂日记

Is it summer now? Or it’s just a start? I can’t stand such weather! I can see the lovely blue sky, and some clouds is flowing over it, I also see the sunshine. The scenery is great, but to me, it’s a hell. Too hot to all the living things, nothing can stand this weather, nothing will be comfortable in it. It’s too hot!!! The hot weather isn’t made by the really sun, but by the mirror of the clouds. The clouds reflect the light of sun, and entend it, so the air become special hot, just like more than a sun exist.

Last night, I didn’t bring my electric fan to bed, this morning, when I woke up, all my body was almost wet. As a result, unusually, I had my morning shower. However, the cool feeling didn’t last long, just after a few minutes, all my body was full of sweat again.

Now, I found a special situation was that no matter where you go, you must bring the fan with you, even though you can forget to bring your mobile-phone. It’s a hard life without fan. But I also found a strange fact, though the weather was extremly hot, and you feel hot as well, yet after sitting at a place for a while, you’ll feel better, and even won’t feel any hot, and after a short time, you’ll feel hto again. I don’t know whether is because there’s something wrong with my feeling physical organ. However, that’s really my true feeling.

The classes passd as they used to be, I felt another things abouit that. I’m sitting in the classroom, not always listen carefully to the teacher, something will flash into my mind, and have a new idea. Most of them are about computer and my website. I don’t know whether it means I can’t focus. When I was a child, many people forbid children and students to do it in class, however, if it’s good for us, can we think it when we don’t disturb others and misss the important part of the classes.

In fact, the weather today can’t be said it’s good. I saw the clouds more then the sun. Maybe the definition fo good weather fo me must change a little: smile sunshine, blue sky and cool wind!


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