The Best Speech

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For a long tiem, I’m just an audience. I’m a listener in a speech. And one day, when I hadn’t prepardd anything, the God pulled me to a platform. So terrible, do you understand my feeling at that time? I wanted to escape, however, it’s a shame to me at last.

And the second chance came to me without any anticipate, so I felt nerous again. Fortunately, after athe completely fail one, I gained a litte experience. I could say what I had thought or I could say something that I hadn’t thought about. Just say a lot of thing to by time, and waited for teacher to stop me. Maybe, if I stood there said nothing, just a scold  would come to me, I wouldn’t lose my face, however, I always chose the face losing one.

In a word, the speech in high school were all terrible to me. When I stood before so many people on the platform, I lost my self, I saw nothing except felt my heart juup faster and faster.

And the email and MSN talking with foreigner helped me to find some ways, as well as wateched the interview of JEA again and again gave me some ideasl. After so much, I’m even proud of giving a speech and can enjoy the process of it. Sometimes, I really earger to have one. I found the feeling on the platform was not bad, I got some confident before I went to high school. Nothing to be worry about is a faith to me when I was young.

In my opinion, the most important thing when having speech is how to express all your feeling by heart. You are having a talk show there, with all your body, including your eyes, your gesture, and of course, your voice and tone. You’re talking instead playing a drama, so the tone si the most important thing, and others are just acquistition. You must let your tone ups and downs as your content. I personally think, that’s emotion element, you must sue that must be included. If you even can’t understand what you want to say, how you can hope others will? So the essay of speech must be able to touch you or you have a great emotion to it. At the same time, you must pay attention to the level of your listener, consequently, it’s impossible to give a university speech to children in primary shcool, they couldn’t get anything.

Care about yourself and others, and your speech will be full of emotion.


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