The Saturday Spent in SCAU

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Every weekend, I must go home, and this time, because of the judgement, I have to change. I have no choice but this. Without computer, the day is terrible, without JEA, the weekend is dump. The sentense blow is the thouhgt in the past, the real of my day told me the true.

The day began in an unwilling get up. The Red Cross traning again, this was the last time this term. The Dr. Luo again, I hated him. He did not like human doctor,but an animal doctor. He’s not professal in his works and movement. Time went by, the classes were over at last.

I ate the dinner with my old classmate. We talked a lot, from the new things and the remembrance. From difference college, we met a lot in different way. The classes, the person, the custom and the life, all of these were so different. I had too many classes, but she had too less classes. I hoped I had her life, and she liked my meanful life. The things we can’t get is alway the best one. And then she came to my room, we just could talk in a low voice, I shared the tapes with her, and then gave the essay written by JEA to her, she was the first person appreaciated his article autoly, maybe that’s because the way I asked other to read was a little forcing. “The Brief of the War” is great, there’s no double of it, it’s the only essay I was dellply move by JEA. The other articles, I can’t get their meaning clearly.

The afternoon, I had a physical labour- washed the sixth floor corridor. We used the fight fire water. I had never imagin that thing was so difficult. The head of the tube was so heavy. In the past, the firefighter was a very heroic job to me, and I even wanted to become one of them, but in fact, terrible. And I know now why the firefight must the big mucsle one and they won’t carry the tube to pull out the fire by oneself, too heavy, the unimagine heavy, if he do that, he can’t move , and never can pull out the fire. The action of using the tuble was very good, but the pay of doing this also so big. I nearly can’t move after that. When I went pass the basketball playgroud, a ball came to me, I wanted to throw it back, I was planned to give them a big show, to my surprise, I just threw the ball in a shor distant. Was she xrspook? Where was her power? I fell into a terrible situation. I lost the thing I always had.

The dinner in the new canteen was also perfect. For a long time, I haven’t enjoyed the meal. Everyday I just put the food into my mouth and didn’t care what its taste. Because of the judgement, all the thing became better and better. At the same time, I was afraid the extreme change in future.

The Saturday was not so bad, that’s the conclution of the experience.     


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