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After a long time eager, I brought the computer to my school at last. I hoped this happen when I came to SCAU, when I was a fleshman, however, because of many many other thing, the plan was delated again and again. And even sometime, I would forget that I had such plan. The life told me if the thing was belong to you, no matter what, sooner or later, it would happen. Though maybe at that time you have changed your mind or even forget it completely. I think, I was at that situation. I had no hope about buy a new computer and bring to school, however, just at this point, God gave me a chance, and I gabbed it, then it became true.

Bring the computer to school is no an easy thing. The main box and the screen are very heavy. When carrying them, my breath became heavier and heavier, after a short time, I even felt my arm was not belong to me, it’s too tough to do it. At that time, I realized I was a girl and I need someone do the tough task for me, I need help.

I still remrember one sence at this morning. My mother was walking in front of me, I was very tired after a short way, I wanted to stop and had a rest. And I did it now and then. However, no matter how many time I had a rest, I still felt my arms were not mine. Because I found I was not so strong as my thought, I need help, but the poor thing was nobody gave me a hand. Mother never tuned over to have a look, she walked straight as ususal. At that time, I found I can’t adjust to her even though I was young and she was old. And I realized that why I must be a person like male, I have to be strong, because the life forces me to do so. My living environment makes me I must be that kind. I have no choice but to be stronger and stronger.

And now, my new computer is at my apartment. I’m not familiar to that system, and the operate seems a little difficult for me, because I can’t find out what I want.

It’s a new start, it’s time to change, can’t be the old xrspook anymore!

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  1. yutian

    Maybe you will have a wonderful start !
    xrspook 对 yutian 的回复: 2005-12-19 11:32:23
    Thank you for million!!!!


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