Do it Yourself

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Yesterday afternoon and this morning, I had no classes. It’s an impossible thing to me in normal day, because, the final examination is coming.

I used all the time to review my oranic chemistry, and found, it’s not so difficult in some place, and also has some points I can’t understand very well. I really want to do a good job at it, I hope the teacher can be pround of having such a student, however, the dream seen have some knotty things to be solved.

The most difficulty is to remembe, too much knowledge points, and all of them should be remembered solidly. The teacher has given you all the weapons to overcome different kinds fo problems and the question is I don’t know how to use. Now, I’m doing my best to keep the intruction in my mind. You know, having so many weapons and also kill by the enemy is really a shame thing.

Now, nobody can help me, the teacher has gone, it’s time to do it yourself!

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  1. 林圣灵

    欢迎光临 workhelper 的博客。希望能够交换链接。
    xrspook 对 林圣灵 的回复: 2007-07-08 09:25:34


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