Loving You

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Today is my last time to meet my organic chemistry teacher. We had our last classes this term. And at that time, I found I loved him, I am pround that have such a chemistry teacher in my life. If possbile, if I still here continue my master course, I hope he can be my teacher again.

Compare with other teachers I have met in SCAU, I think, he’s the best male teacher, and the female one must be who teach me blueprints. I can’t take them together and choose who is better. Both of them are the best, however, the advances of them are so different. The male one is very humors and the female one is very careful, the same advance of them is patient and kind hearted.

Believe or not, the male chemistry teachers in my life (till now) are all great person. They have different advances, but I like them all. One is very kind, the other is very intelligent, the last one is very humors. A man withou kind, he won’t be a gentleman. A man without intelligent, he can’t be attractive. A man without humors, the life with him must be very dull. I have so many requests about a man. In fact, the requests are important, but in some situation, I can forgive all of them, except he must have a good heart and really love me and others. I can’t imagine if a man didn’t have a good heart, and always think about himself.

I always use the highest request to my university teachers, and found all of them or most of them were really stupid. But now, I realized another important thing, that’s they are just heros in their professtional fields, and in other ones, they are just a very noraml person just as you and me. I didn’t need to be angry about them.

The thing when you almost lose it, you will feel you like it and need it. Why human beings will have such bad manner! And when you realize, it’s too late, it flow away as the time goes by, you can’t catch, you can’t forgive, you have to know how to take care if you have next time.


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