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昨晚在搜Dos Caras Jr.在CMLL的出场音乐的时候有目标的斩获不大,他face时期的出场音乐没验证到,但他heel时期,也就是呆在CMLL最后半年里的出场音乐的确就是Cartel De Santa – Factor Miedo,但依然只是文字发现,没有视频验证。

非目标的斩获却不少,居然被我找到一个专栏作家写的Dos Caras Jr.介绍(Shedding a Little Light: Mexican Wrestling Legend Dos Caras, Jr.),对比wiki上的信息,大同小异,但解释了一些我以前不曾了解过的常识性问题,这对墨西哥人来说是常识,对米国人和对我来说,是空白,所以,刚好上了一课。节选其中的部分和大家分享:

This just goes to show that “bigger” doesn’t always mean “better” in pro wrestling.


The Real Life Mexican Warrior is basically a mix of Rey Mysterio and John Cena. He is a 6″5 man with a lot of power, yet only weights 211 lbs. Because of this, he moves like Rey Mysterio, showcasing the lucha libre style he is known for.

Then he shows the power of one John Cena, and you are immediately taken back by it too.

You see this skinny guy, yet he is deceptively strong. It is something you don’t expect, and it is surprisingly cool to see.

几个月了,我都在等待着Del Rio的高飞,但由于角色的定位(贵族),他不能像Rey Mysterio做类似的特色高飞技。这段话也让我突然明白到,他为什么不飞的另一个原因。现在的Del Rio体重是263 lbs,从前是211 lbs,多了50 lbs还能轻易地飞起来?恐怕有点难度。至于小强的Fireman’s Carry的力量,到此为止我都是觉得他做得有点吃力,为啥呢?真的?装的?我分辨不出。但从Dos Caras Jr.时期的视频看来,他的力量应该不只如此。

He is also very impressive on the mic, but that is in Spanish so I wouldn’t expect him to be as impressive with his English.


He was on track to go to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. However, because of a lack of funding and support, Mexico did not send a wrestling team that year.

This was a huge blow to Caras Jr., so he decided to get into the family business at that time. He realized that by the time the next Summer Olympic Games came around, he would be older and maybe not as good as he would have been in 2000.

He was on the roll of his life, and was considered to be one of the best wrestlers in the world in his weight class at that point. Many believe that he could have won a Gold Medal if he had gone, but now we’ll never know.


He worked with his family there off and on, as AAA was the one promotion they have all worked for or were working for at the time. It is probably how he was able to debut there so quickly at the start of his pro-wrestling career.

His father basically ruled the promotion, which helped a lot, you could call him the Triple H of AAA, without the marriage to the boss’ daughter.

家族优势啊!!!!在AAA,Dos Caras Jr.老爸的身份就相当于WWE中的Triple H,可想而知那种威慑力了。之前一直知道Dos Caras很传奇,但一直不知道原来传奇到这种程度。

While wrestling promotions in America and just about everywhere else put more emphasis on their top guy being their Heavyweight Champion, Mexican wrestling promotions tend to put more emphasis on the lower weight divisions over the heavyweights.

It would be like having the X-Division Title be the crown jewel of TNA or the Cruiserweight Title being the WWE’s. While people love those titles and what they bring to the company, it is not considered a top title like it would be in Mexico.

So if you see cartoons or movies with a huge masked Mexican wrestler taking on everyone and becoming the top star in the company, it is not accurate.

Caras competed outside of Mexico, overseas, and everywhere else CMLL asked him to go.

The fans all seemed to feel that Caras was the top guy, yet the CMLL andmany in Mexico knew that he was not.

So while we here in the U.S. would put more emphasis on him being a World Heavyweight Champion, it was little more important to CMLL than their tag titles.

Dos Caras, Jr.’s run with the CMLLWorld Heavyweight championship was basically as fun as seeing paint dry.

这几段是重点,在墨西哥最被看重的是轻量级冠军,而重量级冠军像个摆设不被看重,剧情和竞争者也就少了。情况和美摔把重量级冠军远远高于一切的定位完全相反。Dos Caras是5″10,Dos Caras Jr.是6″5,身高决定了儿子注定在墨西哥不能把自己的才能发挥到极限。谁不想高一点啊,在美国,他们做梦也希望能高一点,那么变壮后就有竞争力会被公司看重了,但在墨西哥,大块头很悲情。所以说,Dos Caras Jr.要继续提升自己,他最好的选择是WWE。在某个采访中,他已经谈到过他的梦想是去WWE,但不懂墨摔行情的我们可能体会不到其中的苦衷,谁会希望离乡背井呢,其实是不得已。

He then turned heel for a time while working there, but realized his mistreatment more andmore. While the CMLL had been good to him in the past, he sensed the WWE would be the best place for him if he really wanted to advance his career.

This was why he worked a dark match with WWE in the first place. He knew he could go back to the AAA promotion at any time, considering he worked there in the past and has deep connections there.

Yet, even though they do treat their heavyweights a little better, the AAA promotion would be a huge step down from CMLL. Instead of moving forward with his career, Caras would be doing the opposite.

It would be somewhat akin to voluntarily leaving the WWE for ROH.

不知道heel在墨摔里到底是不是只意味着角色那么简单,不过可以理解,对于要跳槽的人,没人想多搭理给机会。很明白了,CMLL在墨西哥是最大的联盟,而且是世界上历史最悠久的摔角联盟,而AAA与之相比逊色很多,但这种逊色又不能说比赛质量一定差很远,应该说各有千秋,谁说ROH的比赛一定不比WWE精彩?!不过,大、老联盟更财宏势大罢了。从CMLL回到AAA对Dos Caras Jr.来说已经不可能了,所以,要更进一步,他除了去WWE还能去哪里?莫名地感到淡淡的无奈。我尚且有如此看法,WWE也一定会深谙这个道理,如果某天这个墨西哥小子闹情绪说他不干了,他其实又去得了哪里????除了挺下去,必须熬到出头日外就没有退路了。不过呢,这只是悲情看法,乐观看法是“Dos Caras, Jr. is already a Mexican Legend”、“he has all the tools”,按常理的话为啥他就不能在WWE闯出一片新天地。古典式摔跤是一次,从事家族墨摔事业是一次,跳到WWE更是一次,不知Alberto Rodríguez往后还要经历多少次,但可以肯定,他其实都干得不赖,命运之轮迫使他不得不转变。



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