Prejudic Online(publish on weekend)

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You think you are free online, you can be everybody as you like there, you are wrong. You maybe think whth vitual barrier, others can't identify you, so you can be equal any time, you are completely wrong.

Of course, when online chatting, others won't know what you are, however, my experience was so different from the normal one.

In some forum in foreign countries, we(Chinese) get nationality prejudice, especially in America. They are talking hottly of their favorite things, so are you, then you want to participate. At the first time, I made a extremely fault, I said I was a Chinese at the very beginning, and then described my thought of that topic. The result is that no matter you're right or not, you won't get any reply. Because you had said a stupid sentence that you were Chinese. They pay no attention to us, and go on their talking. And I found I was the only one had such experience.

So at the second time, I said nothing about my nationality, and pretend I was an America, then, many people made comments to it. What's that mean? It means nothing but nationality prejudice. It proved nothing wrong with my English, but a little special of my real nationaliy.

I'm a Chinese, that's the fact won' t be changed! Why I have to conceal this when surfing on internet?!

Maybe you wil think internet is the most justice place fall all the people in the world. In fact, nationality prejudice still exist. I didn't mean evey country has nationality prejudice to us. Such as Spain, I can feel the people there welcome us very much, and take us as friends. Spanish give us warm welcome, let me feel like home, however, the experience prejudice. Maybe that's the problem of super country, they look down upon others.


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